Exit & Value Program

Designed for Small Community and

Small Business Success


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NxStep Exit & Value is a program created to build partnerships, optimize resources, and make needed business transition services available to any small business or owner.


2020 National Exit & Value Events:

June 9, August 4, October 6

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The big idea.

NxStep was designed to help communities keep and grow

successful businesses and develop

a new generation of local owners.


NxStep addresses business transition, retention and wealth creation in small or rural communities.


The program is built around cooperative partnerships and strategic relationships.

   Who is NxStep for?

1. Small Communities-Counties

     or Regions-States

    (the program partners)


2. Local Business Owners, Buyers,

    Successors and Advisors (the users).


NxStep is intended for communities of 15,000 persons or less. If your community is larger than 15,000 persons, an affiliated program is available.


Larger regions or state entities can participate in our group project program.

What is it?

It's a very affordable small business exit and value program only available in partner communities or counties.


Owners can maximize their exit and value opportunities while preparing for a future transition. Versions of the program have previously received USDA and SBA grant funding.


Projects are confidential and provided directly to owners or through a local advising professional


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2020 Special Offer - free advisor

credentialing-training programs

with package community-county partner

enrollments - a $1,995 value each


CBPA Credentialed and ABPA Accredited

Business Planning Advisor, or EBPP Economic Business

Planning Professional - 12-16 hour online live training

program, exam and credentials. Contact us for information.

ABPA-CBPA appropriate for development, accounting, financial planning, insurance or business consulting professionals.

EBPP appropriate for economic development and chamber

or community professionals.

Training session May 27-28, June 3-4 2020.


Partner Program Summary

An introduction to the

NxStep Exit & Value partner program.


Snapshot of owner

challenges and attitudes

There is 1 business

at-risk and in need

exit assistance

per 100 population.


• • •


90% of small business owners need a

successful sale to

fund their retirement;

Only 10% are likely to

get it without exit &

value assistance.

80% of for-sale

listings fail to

produce a buyer.


• • •


Only 23% of owners

have a written

transition plan

in place.


• • •


Only 29% of new

small business

ventures make it

10 years.

Survey of 300

small business

owners after they

sold their business:


Only 5% were happy

with their results.

75% regretted

selling their business.

100% would go

back and be better prepared if they

could do it over.




How current owners

plan to leave:


Up to 38% of owners

hope to sell.

30% want a family

member to buy it.

32% say liquidate,

have no idea or other.


• • •


65% of owners are

baby boomers.


Many small business owners either can’t afford a traditional exit and value plan or fail to plan at all, greatly reducing their odds of future transition success.


When it comes to exit or transition planning,

failing to plan is planning to fail.

A lost employer business means lost regional sales, tax collections, local employment opportunities and more.


Lost jobs impact entire families, rippling through communities affecting other businesses, property vacancies and values, school enrollments and more.


Attracting new businesses can be difficult and many don't last.

Lost employer impacts.

Keeping successful existing businesses in place

is an important economic success strategy.

But it takes time.


Generally, owners need between one to three years to create a successful exit and value plan. Longer if a family succession is desired.


In some cases, health or other issues demand an accelerated approach.

Owners need time.

NxStep only does one thing. We don't have other services to sell and we don't compete with local advisor services.


- No investment or retirement advice.

- No legal or tax consulting.

- No other products or services are required.


Included in every exit-value project are nine or more exit models, and five or more deal structures customized to that business. We also encourage the development of a local buyer when possible.



No competition please.

Why enroll as a community

or county program partner?


Traditional exit programs cost $15,000 to $40,000 or more and are usually intended for much larger businesses.

NxStep provides a completed exit and value project for as little as $595

- using national event program scholarships.

NxStep emphasizes using local-regional professionals and services:

Attorney, Accountant, Insurance Professional,  Financial Planner, Lender and more.

The savings created for

business owners is enormous.

How Does It Work?

Easily. NxStep Is Confidential and

Delivered Directly To Owners.

Honestly, we have no idea which businesses in your community need to think about preparing for a future exit or transition, but local development and chamber professionals, city leaders and advisors do.


The issue is how to provide the information and services needed to get owners started, then get everyone involved and moving in the same direction to the owners' benefit.


Community and county partners participate by utilizing program, event and publicity resources to introduce their program to local business owners and advisors.


We only advocate no-cost partner promotion in your community: news releases, email, electronic brochures, links to program videos presenting NxStep or a friendly phone call. We provide everything partners need to launch and sustain their program, educating and supporting owners and buyers.


In return, local business owners, buyers and advisors can enroll in the NxStep program at significant savings. They'll receive a completed exit and value project unique to their business, access a library of resources to support their projects, and discover their real exit opportunities and value potential.


Thanks to these partnerships,

owners save 50% on all exit

and value projects everyday,

and can save over 80% during

special multi-state events.



Example program structure:


Here are the basic program launch steps.


•  NxStep provides the materials needed to get

    things going. Partners begin no-cost program

    introduction and event marketing if appropriate.


Make sure to enroll ahead of the multi-state

event for your location so business owners

and advisors can take advantage of available

NxStep scholarships.


A total of 250 owners may participate in a

scheduled national workshop and launch events. However, there are a total of 100 scholarships available per event.


If you miss an event, don't worry. Business owners and advisors can still enroll at a 50% savings anytime they're ready to begin planning.


•  A live four-hour webinar workshop event is

    provided to help owners get started. A recorded

    version of the session can be accessed after

    the event.


•  Owners collect and send basic, requested

    information to begin their project.


•  NxStep prepares a completed exit and value

    project and returns it to the owner or advisor.


•  NxStep includes listing and contact information

    for local professionals in each project.

Basic program and event steps.

[ make sure to see everything a project includes ]


•  Owners review their project and begin meeting

    with their existing advisor team as needed to

    fine-tune their preferred exit strategies. Then

    it's time to implement the plan and move toward

    the best transition or sale possible.


•  Partners continue to access and use articles,

    videos, special events and resources to sustain

    ongoing awareness of the importance of

    business exit and value planning.

When does it happen?

When is this happening?


Right now.


Communities or counties can become partners anytime. Businesses can only access the program and available scholarships once the partnership in place.


Schedule of Upcoming Events:


2020 National Exit & Value Events:

June 9, August 4, October 6

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There's a lot more information about the NxStep Exit & Value program, how it was developed, what owners receive in their project, frequently asked questions, and more.


Use the links on the menu to explore additional pages with more detailed information.


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Credentialing organizations award credentials to the advisor alone and not to any organization or firm that may employ the advisor.


NxStep Advisors are credentialed as:

Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

Economic Development

Finance Professional (EDFP)

and or

Certified or Master Business Planning Advisor (CBPA or MBPA)