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Initial community or county partnership program workshop events and scholarship opportunities for business exit and value projects are provided in the listed states beginning on the date shown. Enrollment of community partners and subsequent business owner or advisor enrollments must occur prior to the actual workshop - program launch date shown. Up to 250 persons may register for any single workshop and launch event.


Each scheduled event is limited to a total of 100 scholarships across all of the combined participating partners.


Registrations and program scholarships are available only to business owners or advisors in partner communities or counties and proved on a first-come basis.


Communities or counties may early-enroll in the partner program at any time prior and up to two-weeks before the event dates shown. No new partner enrollments will be accepted within two-weeks of any event for that state.


Businesses from partner communities or counties in event states may preregister for the scheduled event at any time prior to the day of the event.


Scholarship and Event Schedule

Workshop Date and Effective States



June 9th

August 4th

October 6th

Program Launch and Workshop

4 hour total session time


Credentialed Advisor Training Program


May 27-28, June 3-4

12-16 hours total session time



All events begin at:


1:00 PM - Eastern

Noon - Central

11:00 AM - Mountain

10:00 AM - Pacific


Scheduled event dates are subject to change without general notice. Enrolled parties and program partners will receive individual notice of any required change.

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Credentialing organizations award credentials to the advisor alone and not to any organization or firm that may employ the advisor.


NxStep Advisors are credentialed as:

Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

Economic Development

Finance Professional (EDFP)

and or

Certified or Master Business Planning Advisor (CBPA or MBPA)