Exit & Value Program

Designed for Small Business Success


Finally, advanced business exit and value planning is affordable for small business owners.

Completed projects including a credentialed business valuation and exit plan start at just $495.




2020 National NxStep Exit-Value

Owner Workshop and Partner Project Launch Events


For Owners, Partners, Successors

June 9th - 4 Hours

August 4th - 4 Hours

October 6th - 4 Hours



What is NxStep?

   Who is NxStep for?

NxStep Exit & Value is a very affordable small business transition program only available in

partner communities or counties.


It's comprehensive, insightful and easy to use.


NxStep is a value-added version of our national small business exit program, Value.Plan.Go. NxStep is so

affordable that any size of small business can afford real

exit and value planning. Really!


Each project is individually prepared by a credentialed,

experienced consultant. Our work is completely confidential

and provided directly to owners or through a local advising


1. Local Business Owners, Buyers,

    Successors and Advisors (the users).


2. Smaller Communities or Counties

    (the program partners)


NxStep was designed to help owners maximize value

and real exit opportunities while minimizing cost, allowing them to achieve the best business exit or sale possible - the transition they want when they want it.


NxStep is only available in communities of 15,000 persons or less and requires a community or county partnership.

Program Summary for Owners or Sellers

An introduction to the

NxStep Exit & Value program for owners

Snapshot of owner exit challenges and attitudes

There is 1 business

at-risk and in need

exit assistance

per 100 population.


• • •


90% of small business owners need a

successful sale to

fund their retirement -

only 10% are likely to

get it without exit and

value assistance.

Survey of 300

small business

owners after they

sold their business:

Only 5% were happy

 with their results.

75% regretted

selling their business.

100% would go

back and be better prepared if they

could do it over.




80% of broker or

other for-sale

 listings fail to

produce a buyer.


• • •


Only 23% of owners

have a written

transition or exit

plan in place.


• • •


Only 3 in 10 new

small business

starts make it

10 years.

How current owners

plan to leave:

Up to 38% of owners

hope to sell -

how, when and to who?

30% want a family

member to buy it -

but what if they don't

want it?

32% say liquidate, have

no idea or other - lay off

staff and close the doors



Information from Forbes, EPI, US Small Business Administration, PWC, USB, US Census, other sources


Why enroll your business in NxStep Exit & Value?

Many small business owners either can’t afford a traditional exit and value plan

or fail to plan at all, greatly reducing their odds of future success.

When it comes to exit or transition planning, failing to plan is planning to fail.


Planning improves success

You've spent years, probably decades building a successful business. Spend a little time planning how you'll leave.


Information and advanced planning increase exit and value options and opportunities.

Owners need time

It takes time to develop and implement a successful exit and value plan.


NxStep is flexible. Generally, owners need between one to three years to create a successful exit and value plan. Longer if a family succession is considered. In some cases, health or other issues demand an accelerated approach. NxStep includes options for each.

Keep your advisors

Owners continue to use their existing professional advisors.


We don't replace your advisors. Owners use NxStep to make preliminary decisions about their preferred exit strategies, set goals, and prepare their business and themselves. When owners are ready, their existing advisor team can help them improve and implement their plan.

Ready. Set. Go.

Take a look at what every NxStep Exit & Value project includes

Included In Every NxStep Project

•  Executive Summary

    A quick look at business exit and value project results.

    Where things are now and what might be achieved.


•  Owner Exit Plan

    Ready for the owner to complete with their exit priorities and goals.

    Then share with their advisors, key employees, or family to improve

    and enact their plan.


•  Current Fair Market Value Report

    A fully credentialed letter-form opinion of value report including tangible

    and intangible (blue sky) values and estimated company-level capital gains.


    Owners can't begin to plan until they know where they're really at today.













•  Nine Exit Opportunities for Success

    Nine or more business exit models with estimated cash-to-the-seller values

    for each model using the firms' current fair market value.


•  Financial and Performance Analysis

    Including how the business compares to the average performance of their

    industry peers - other businesses like theirs with similar revenue.



    Provided for performance improvement, to maximize near-term and

    sale value, and improve future exit opportunities.


•  Key Value Drivers

    Important factors for ongoing success that potential buyers will look for.


•  Proposed Example Pro Forma Budget

    Developed using recommendations and historical performance.

    Example annual performance goals for the next three years to raise

    business value, business profile, and financial opportunities.


•  Future Fair Market Value Estimate

    A pro forma example of annual business value over the next three years

    based on recommendations and the example budget. See how much

    additional value may be captured before you leave your business.


•  Updated Exit Opportunities

    Created using the pro forma value estimates. See how each of the

    nine exit models' cash-to-the-seller values change and how value gaps

    may be filled.













•  Five or More Deal Structures

    Combine with selected exit models to find transition success.

    Each example structure is demonstrated using the business's unique results.

    Includes a "maximum value" and a "quick-out" deal example.


Numerous Exit and Value Planning Aids

    Planning checklists and guides, quick-read examples of exit successes and

    failures, and a discussion about how to make the best use of each member of

    the advisor team.


Special Succession Section

    For family business transition or succession events. This important section

    is a must-read for any owner who wants to pass their business on to a family

    member and for the intended successor.


Sell Book Template

    A sell book is a marketing tool for small business transition purposes.

    It organizes and provides the information any serious potential buyer will

    need - from history to opportunity. It helps businesses make a great first

    impression with any buyer.


And More...


•  We address issues important to owners including attracting or developing

    a qualified buyer, finding success even in difficult markets or locations, value

    planning vs. tax planning, different strategies for employer and non-employer

    businesses, 25 deal-killing mistakes to avoid, and more.


•  NxStep participants also have access to our exclusive on-line library of topic

    cards and videos. It's an easy way to find additional information on a variety of

    business value, exit and performance subjects - what you need, when you need

    it, all available on-demand.


•  NxStep also provides contact information for local professionals.


Example Online

Library Topics

Access to on-demand videos and one-page topic papers for participating owner or advisor use is provided with each completed exit and value project.











Example Topics


•  Short-Term Value Improvement

•  Mid-Term Value Improvement

•  When To Sell Your Business

•  Selling The Future, Not The Past

•  Full Valuation or Calculation of Value

•  The Basics of ESOPs

•  What Will Lenders Finance

•  Levels of Business Value

•  Finding Success with Lenders

•  Cash Is King

•  Maximum Exit Value

•  Recognition of a Life's Work

•  Land and Building Assets

•  Quick Outs

•  Guarantee Loan Programs

•  Qualifying The Buyer

•  Non-Compete Agreements

•  Eleventh-Hour Renegotiations

•  Before Closing Day

•  Closing Day

•  After Closing Day

•  Save Taxes or Increase Value

•  Curb Appeal Power

•  Avoid Key-Person Risk Penalties

•  Death Of The Owner

•  Owner Incapacitation

•  Disputes Between Owners

•  Divorce Of An Owner

•  Lifestyle Businesses

•  Franchised or Licensed Businesses

•  Operating Agreements

•  Buy-Sell Agreements

•  Life Insurance On Owners

•  Stock or Interest Sales

•  Three-Year Checklist

•  Emergency Sale

•  Business For Sale Websites


And much more.

Program structure and workflow example:


Traditional exit programs cost $15,000 to $40,000 or more

and are usually intended for much larger businesses.


Our flagship exit and value program, Value.Plan.Go. lowers

the cost of a completed project to just $2,995.

The savings created for business owners is enormous

NxStep Savings Go Even Further

Save up to $2,400

Scholarship Program Pricing

A completed exit and value project at a savings of over 80% when owners or advisors receive a NxStep scholarship. Available during multi-state events only, saving $2,400.



Partner Discount Pricing

Businesses located in partner communities or counties receive a 50% discount for their completed NxStep Exit & Value project.

A savings of $1,500.


NxStep is designed for businesses with just $100,000 to $5 million in annual revenue.

There is a limit of 100 total multi-state event scholarships per event awarded on a first come basis.


Basic NxStep program and event steps

Here are the basic program launch steps.


•  Communities or counties call and enroll in NxStep.

    If your location is not a partner, encourage them to enroll now. There is no cost to partnerships.


•  NxStep provides the materials to partners needed to get things going.

    Partners begin no-cost program introduction and event marketing.


    Partners should enroll ahead of the multi-state event for their location so business

    owners and advisors can take advantage of available NxStep scholarships.


    Up to 250 owners or advisors may participate in a scheduled multi-state event.

    However, there is a limit of 100 total scholarships available per event.


    If you miss a multi-state event, don't worry. Business owners and advisors can still enroll at a 50% savings

    anytime they're ready to begin planning.


•  NxStep creates a dedicated parter web page with local program information, resources and links to local

    professional advisor firms or services. Owners can find helpful information and links there.


•  A live four-hour webinar workshop event is provided to help owners get started.

    A recorded version of the session can be accessed anytime after the event.


•  Owners collect and send basic, requested information to begin their project.


•  Credentialed NxStep valuation and exit planning professionals prepare each individual exit and value project

    and return it to the owner or advisor in around 60 days. All projects are completely confidential.


•  Owners review their project including provided exit and value options, deal structures, recommendations,

    planning resources and checklists.


•  When they're ready, owners begin meeting with their existing advisor team as needed to fine-tune their

    preferred exit strategies, revisit tax and and estate planning, and update investment strategies.

    Then it's time to implement their plan and move toward the best transition or sale possible.


•  Owners can continue to access and use NxStep on-line topic cards, videos, special events and resources

    to assist them with their exit and value planning and implementation


Communities or counties can become partners anytime. Businesses can only access or enroll in the NxStep program or apply for available scholarships once a partnership in place.


If you're interested in NxStep and your community isn't a program partner, contact them and ask them to consider joining NxStep.

Schedule Upcoming Events:


National NxStep Launch and Owner Workshop Events

June 9

August 4

October 6.



All events begin at:

1:00 PM - Eastern

Noon - Central

11:00 AM - Mountain

10:00 AM - Pacific


Scheduled event dates may be changed

without general notice. Enrolled parties will

receive notice of any required change.

Call NxStep

8333-NXSTEP or 833-369-7837

Contact NxStep at


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All rights reserved.

Credentialing organizations award credentials to the advisor alone and not to any organization or firm that may employ the advisor.


NxStep Advisors are credentialed as:


Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

Economic Development

Finance Professional (EDFP)

and or

Certified or Master Business Planning Advisor (CBPA or MBPA)